Our Team

wedding coordinator
  Wedding specialist , has over 8 years of wedding and events experience in Fiji”s hospitality industry. Has managed weddings and events for a number of Resorts in Fiji. Mum, wife, helper and is passionate about weddings and helping brides achieve their dream weddings.
Business manager
  Asinate is a teacher by profession. Her hobby however apart from being mum to 4 young boys is to bring order and professionalism to her work. She is the face behind the team. She is the first smile that you see and the one you remember. Her talent is to answer your questions and no query is too small or too big to be taken care of. She manages our office and work and will be the one that assist Sina put together your details for your special day.
Creative Manager
  Usa has an exceptionally detailed and uncanny eye for creativity. His enthusiasm, passion and talent make him the most favourite of our team members. He has the loudest laugh, the biggest heart and the most creative mind. He makes colour themes come alive , wedding set up look amazing, reception touches intimate and elegant and above all make you feel at ease with his Fijian hospitality.
Events and Staging Manager
  The most important time in any event is when the story becomes a reality. From paper dreams to reality, Junior is simply the one who makes it happen. With over 6 years in the banquets and set up hospitality industry, Junior will ensure that your tables and chairs are set up; lights have the power source, water is sufficient for the event and that safety for our guests are the main priority.